MASTIC TREES (Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia)

The mastic trees belong to the P. lentiscus species, whose mastic can be thickened. Today they are cultivated in many varieties on the island of Chios/Greece. However, mastic trees producing, and thickening mastic have also been found in other areas of Greece, Antiparos Island and Amorgos Island, as Greek agronomist Th. Orphanides mentions as early as 1872 in his book 'Geoponiká, year A', pamphlet E', pages 159-163'.

In our nursery for more than 20 years, we propagate by leafy cuttings and grow in pots young mastic trees of many varieties that have been entrusted to us by mastic producers from Chios Island with the aim of returning them back in Chios.